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In the round dance one.




Hallo! Who is speaking?

     - Did you become famous overnight after publication of your book? – (readers calling).

     - No. I didn’t go to bed that night.

      How did it all start? Hard to say. I’m going to make my own Internet site, so that you could know everything about me. I’ll call it like this: “Flying above your own destiny”. Circle one – looking from above, from the height of the passed years … Or even in a more eccentric way: “The pen and the bed-sheet”, kind of a battlefield … for me …. No. sounds vulgar. And as for my book – soon there’re going to be five of them. I’m having big ideas about an encyclopedia with a branded sauce VVP (vital, vivid, pleasant). The topic is “Love muscles”. There’ll be the salt in each book. A light, high-calorie, easily digestible product. Get swallowed - in a blink, and, I promise, you will ask for another helping. What? Mouth watering? Then – bon appetit! 





       With the topic “Love muscles”, have you occupied a niche in a big wall of sex literature? The wall is huge, but empty in some places. A niche … is not exactly for me. Mice live in a niche, while as for me, I’m a big, fat rat Lanky Girl.



 How did it all start?

      Well, it started like this: dancing is my love and life.


                                  balet_2     balet_1     balet_3



Right after college I was employed by Lenconcert. Among all the graduates, two of us were selected. Appearance is of primary importance: height is to be not smaller than 170, nice teeth.

       And again dancing, dancing. Rehearsals, concerts. Divine, fragile profession. The show “Kizhi – golden domes” is being worked at, and we dreaming of conquering Paris. Wind of change can already be felt in the air, the word “perestroika” can be heard. A difficult support in the finale, falling down, cracking in the knee joint. My life froze and stopped. “Kizhi…zhi” … I still shudder, when I hear this word. It seems to me, that hissing snakes are reaching me. The circle closed and, spinning others in its round dance, whirled away, leaving me to face my disaster alone. Got into trouble, the dancing beauty!

      It was painful to get upwards. As for moving, I could only go down. Downwards is against my principles! I found rescue in poetry. Possibly, it was an unconscious part of me, and then it suddenly opened the doors wide, breaking free…


      But we are not going to stand on the dark side of the street.

      Let us leave that period “off-scene”.

      Dancing further on.





In the round dance two.


              I’ve got two kids and my dancing is mostly focused around toddlers’ beds. I’m running a ballet studio for children. Young, a bit plumped up mummies bring their kids to me. I can often hear them saying: “Take us too!”. So, why not?! Thus my School for women appeared.



              klub_3  klub_4




              klub_5  klub_6




            klub_7   klub_8




            televidenie_2   televidenie_4




How did I manage, in that period of absolute popularity of aerobics and shaping, to keep people? Simply. One trifle was needed for that. I had to find answers for questions I was asked. And sometimes, those questions were tricky and very delicate … I believe, you can guess what they were about. Trust is of vital importance here, as it evokes sincerity. There were physicians in my husband’s family, which help a lot. So, I hit on an iceberg in the ocean, not being truly conscious of what treasure I had under my foot! Years passed. The school was gaining pace, techniques being perfected. And what is important is that they give tangible result: symptoms spoiling women’s life disappear, family life improves. I am being showered with flowers, people are sending enthusiastic reviews, and demand for individual classes is increasing. I understand, that I have hit on the right road. But still, something is lacking … I miss the air of the stage, a stirring smell of the backstage … Can it be possible to kill the actress in me? Of course, no. It’s a tough pest. A club “Natalie” is arranged on the basis of the school. We are invited to the radio and shown on TV. I’m writing scripts and making up scenarios. When putting them on, I feel reborn. For example. I appear in a raincoat, open an umbrella and propose a riddle: the English hood, of what “rain” does it give shelter? Then I recite poems. Ha … ha… I’m another Pushkin (to a strong believe of Svetka).

     stih_2_large          zont                                       


    The author of a world wide known phrase: “there is no sex in Russia” L. N. Ivanova. As the fate willed, our roads have met. She knows everything about sex, and it’s a great pleasure to talk to her … even in the cloakroom.





 Where do I have holidays? At my loved village. A four-legged friend is waiting there for me – it’s my bed. And if to unscrew the bed’s foot board – it will turn into a perfect simulator! 



   zagorod_4 zagorod_2


                                   krovat_2                 krovat_4

 But there is no time to sleep. It time I gained new pace. But I’m lazy …, not like Madonna.



                    madonna copy        klub_9 copy copy   






 Madonna … is an example of hardworking. Bare workaholic … I’ll try to imitate her. Well, stop being envious and mincing, you the actress. It’s time to get to work! Get down to work and finish up your encyclopedia. See you again on the pages of my new books. And log on my site (I’m going to continue working it out). You’ll never get bored with me! Writing is like pissing, you should do it only when you can’t wait any longer – said M. Zhvanetsky. And it’s true with me.



In the  round dance three



                            black              black_4               black_2                          



        See you on  page of my new books





                                                                                                    Your Natalya Belova